Rethink the company happy hour.

We are increasingly questioning established norms and alcohol is no exception. Teeto brings together you and your coworkers across different time zones and locations for a high-quality happy hour without the hangover.

With Teeto, you can set up a virtual inclusive happy hour for your team, no matter where they are; you tell us when and we’ll take care of the rest.

How it works

You set up your order by providing some information through our form

We get to work assembling curated non-alcoholic kits and coordinating deliveries for everyone

You and your coworkers (or friends! or family!) join your virtual happy hour and enjoy!

Teeto is in beta so get in touch and we'll work closely with you to set up your first virtual happy hour with your team!

What's in the box?

While alcohol still plays a role in everyday culture, Gen Z and Millennial consumers are interested in trying beverages that favor a more healthy and productive lifestyle. In response, brands are creating beverages with low to no alcohol content - all without sacrificing taste.

We partner with the best independent, non-alcoholic craft wine, beer, and spirit brands allowing your employees to participate in the same social activities that involve alcohol, but skip the high-calorie content - and the hangover - helping your teams share quality downtime without the downsides.

What does Teeto mean?

Teeto comes from the word “teetotal”, a mid-19th century term used to describe an emphatic extension of total when urging total abstinence from all alcohol. We think that’s a bit extreme, so we’re bringing it back to represent simply drinking differently. Living Teeto means whatever the reason, no explanation needed.

What if I drink alcohol?

We understand alcohol has always been at the heart of what makes us human: connection.

Teeto was born out of our desire to maintain and enhance that connection by developing better options for recreational, adult social drinkers.

You may or may not identify as sober, or you may or may not just be taking a break from drinking. We’re not here to put you in a box and we’re certainly not here to judge. We believe drinking is highly personal and we’re aiming to make it inclusive. With many of our offerings, we'll provide instructions for spiking with a favorite full-proof spirit of choice. We're here to help normalize drinking together, in whatever form you prefer.

Straightforward pricing

A company with 20 people would cost $1,100. About the same as that happy hour bar tab.

$100 Setup Fee

$50 Per Kit

Ready to try something new together?

Get in touch and we'll work closely with you to setup your first virtual happy hour with your team!

Share this with your workplace team!

We’re happy to reach out to your workplace team to set up a Teeto on your behalf. Just tell us who to contact at your company—we won’t say you referred them unless you want us to.

Athletic Brewing Co.

Malts: Organic Vienna Malt, Malted White Wheat

Hops: Mosaic, Chinook, Amarillo

Tasting notes: Medium-bodied, hazy IPA aggressively hopped with Amarillo and Chinook. A softer and simpler wheat body to showcase the hops. Notes of orange blossom, orange, citrus rind and wheat. Hops are gripping, oily and aggressive - not subtle

Kin Euphorics - Spritz

We did the work, so you can focus on play. Our most popular blend, Kin Spritz is a sparkling euphoric crafted with fresh citrus, warm spice, hibiscus, and ginger.

Kin Spritz is sold in 4-packs of 8 oz cans. One can is enough for most, but you may prefer 2 or 3. Limit to 4 cans in 24 hours.

Send someone you care about a curated box of the best non-alcoholic offerings in a few clicks.

TeetoDrop is a new offering meant to make it as easy as possible to introduce someone in your life to the incredible new world of non-alcoholic craft wine, beer, and spirit brands!

Perfect for

How it works

You set up your order by answering a few quick questions to help us personalize the order

We get to work assembling your curated non-alcoholic kit and coordinating delivery

Your recipient receives your order and enjoys happy hour without the hangover!